Do I need a reservation?

No, but you can make a reservation using the link above to ensure we have space available.  We welcome walk-in visitors to Catopia as long as we are not at capacity.  You can call ahead to see how busy we are to ensure your snuggle time with the cats.  Our cats are super popular, especially on the weekends :)


Why is there an entry fee?

Our cats are amazing, but they don’t pay their own bills.  In addition to rent for the facility, wages for our awesome employees, and overhead costs, we provide our cats with delicious food and the best care money can buy.  Without your support, we wouldn’t be able to provide the cats with the happy home they have here.


How much does it cost?

Entry to the cat room is $8 plus tax per person for an hour of time.  We will have some special events that cost a little more, like our Yoga with Cats or Painting with Cats classes.  See our events list for more information.


How clean is it? 

Super clean.  We follow cleaning procedures akin to hospitals and veterinary clinics and are cleaning and lint rollering very often.  Our cats are well-screened by our shelter and rescue partners to ensure they are healthy and we take VERY good care of them here.  With any animal facility, there is a small risk of zoonotic illnesses but we  work hard to make sure everyone stays healthy and sanitary.  We have many extra precautions to prevent human illness too.


Can I adopt a cafe cat?

YES!  All of the cats at the café are adoptable through Albuquerque Animal Welfare, Bernalillo County Animal Care Center, Desert Paws NM, High Desert Cat Rescue, or Street Cat Hub.  The adoption fees goes straight to those agencies so they can save more cats.

Can I bring my own cat?

Please do not bring your own cat - we have plenty.  Our cats are carefully screened for illnesses and we cannot accommodate outside cat guests.  Please just bring photos of your sweeties to show us!


Do you take in cats that need homes?

Catopia is a foster home rather than a shelter and is not licensed to take in outside kitties.  Please contact Albuquerque Animal Welfare at  www.cabq.gov/pets or any other well-respected rescue group in our city.


Do the shelter and rescue groups you work with have additional cats I can meet?

Yes!  They would love for you to meet other cats in their care.  Please visit Albuquerque Animal Welfare at their Eastside Location (8920 Lomas NE), their Westside location (11800 Sunset Gardens SW), at Everyday Adoption Center in the Eubank Petsmart, or at Lucky Paws in the Coronado Mall. Bernalillo County Animal Care Center pets are at 3001 2nd Street SW and also at Petsense on Montgomery.  You can see other adoptable Desert Paws NM pets at DesertPawsNM.org, High Desert Cat Rescue pets at hdcra.org, and Street Cat Hub cats at streetcathub.org.


What if I’m not a cat person but my friends want to meet there?

Not a cat person?  We’ve heard that you exist.  Give us a try - we think you will be pleasantly surprised and we believe that our cats can win you over.


How can I get involved?

We are currently fully staffed at Catopia. Our shelter partners can always use more volunteers.  Please contact Brian Galloway, Volunteer Coordinator, at 205-0298 or AWDVolunteer@cabq.gov or contact the Bernalillo County Animal Care Center if you would like to volunteer to help more cats (and dogs too!) find homes.


Do you ever have kittens at the café?

We love kittens and fortunately they get adopted quickly.  We focus on adult cats to make sure they get plenty of love and support, too.  If our shelter and rescue partners are at any point overwhelmed with kittens, we will have special events to home those cuties and will announce that on social media.  Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram.


When did cat cafés originate?

The first cat café opened in Taiwan in 1998 and the concept quickly spread throughout other countries.  The United States has almost 100 cat cafes offering a comfortable and clean environment for cats until they find their forever homes. 

8001 Wyoming Blvd NE, Suite C-5, Albuquerque, NM  87113

508-4278, CatopiaCafe@gmail.com