Hot Drinks$2.25 - A variety of coffees and teas, Ghiradelli hot cocoa, and apple cider. Ask at the desk and we can prepare it for you!  We have regular coffee from New Mexico Piñon and decaf from Peet's.  Our Choice Organic Teas are from Red Rock Roasters.

Cold Drinks - $1.00-3.00 - A large array of iced teas and coffees, sodas, juices, and more. Take a look through the fridge and pick out what you would like!

Wanderlust and Tracy's Baked Goods - $3.25 - Delicious vegan cookie packs and brownies.

Packaged Snacks - $1.50 - A selection of prepackaged chips, granola bars, etc. Take a look through the display cases on the desk and the cabinet and grab what looks good.