Our shelter and rescue group foster cats have been very popular!  Increased adoptions during the pandemic have made it difficult to keep up with the demand, so please understand that some of the cats listed here have pending adoptions already.  Thanks!

Indigo is shy but friendly, and loves hanging out with his cat friends. He is a beautiful and loving fella!

Snickers is as sweet as her name!  She loves chin scritches and long naps.

Gilly is a gentle lap cat that loves to be around people!  She has fun running through the cafe with her sister Chini.

Chini has beautiful golden eyes.  She loves napping in boxes, playing with her sister Gilly, and getting chin scritches!

Ms. Kitty will come right up to you and say hi! This sweetheart is outgoing and loves being around people.

Moe is a big fella who loves being pet and getting chin scritches!

Chromium is a very friendly kitty who loves people, dogs, and other cats! At the end of the day, she always snuggles up with her BFF Vanadium.

Vanadium is a little shy, but easily won over with her favorite canned food! She loves hanging out with her best friend, Chromium.

Clarence is a big and talkative 9-year-old fella! He’s very affectionate and loves being around people.

Langdon is a beautiful and loving kitty! He loves head scratches and cuddles.

Sophia Loren (in foster home) LOVES people!  She isn't fond of other cats, but is great with humans!

Quill (in foster home) is such a sweet, handsome guy! He's ready and excited to find his forever home.

Blue is a big boy who likes to be scritched. He is super friendly and snuggly.  You will fall in love with him!

Manolo is an energetic boy who loves attention. He is very sweet and will play with anything that catches his eye!

Marcus is a very talkative little boy who loves to play and be scritched!

Biscuit is a sweet, outgoing young cat! She’s very social and loves being around cats and humans alike.

Baby Boy has a sense of adventure and is super friendly.  He is beautiful and loves his buddy Kington

Kingston has a beautiful long-hair coat and is very affectionate.  We love him!

Winnie is such a cute little cat!  She is ready for her forever home, and would probably do best as an only kitty.