Snow White

Trace is such a cutie and is very fun and friendly.  His black nose is adorable!

Snow White is a beautiful girl that loves to snuggle. She is very unique with one blue eye and one green eye.

Petunia is a young friendly cat who is soft, playful and adorable!


Carlos is a handsome and friendly fella! He loves the windows and his comfy tree spot. 

Chini has beautiful golden eyes.  She loves napping in boxes and getting chin scritches

Prissy is a shy but sweet tabby who loves playing with wand toys.

Grey has a very soft coat and beautiful green eyes, She loves attention and her sister Sophie!

Sophie is just beautiful! She’ll warm up quickly to love and attention.  She enjoys her comfy tree hangout and loves her sister Grey


Biscuit is a loving, outgoing, young cat! She loves being around cats and humans alike.

Twyla is a sweet, snuggly young cat! She loves being around cats and people.


Shay is an adorable kitten that loves people and climbing on shoulders. He also loves to play.

Jolene is a very affectionate calico who will warm your heart. She does great with the other cats!

Stevie is a sweet, outgoing young cat! She loves being around people.

Lemur is a lovely young girl that loves to play with other cats.

Snickers is as sweet as her name!  She loves chin scritches and long naps.

Raya is a sweet kitty who is very talkative! She has a beautiful tortoiseshell coat and loves to get treats.


Jag is a sweet, outgoing, young cat! He rolls over for scritches.


Fallon is a lovable girl that loves to be scritched! Her charming features will make you fall in love with her

Orca is a handsome boy that loves to play. That doesn't stop him from cuddling with  cats and humans. 

Mustard Seed.jpg

Mustard Seed is a shy but playful kitten. He purrs a lot and can run very fast!

In Foster Homes


Nemi is a gorgeous cat with round ears and koala-like fur. She is very playful when she feels comfortable and loves other cats!

Carmela is a beautiful long-haired kitty.  She is healthy, happy, and loves attention!

Clarence is a very chill and sweet 9-year-old fella! He’s very affectionate and loves being around people.