Our amazing cats have been carefully selected by our shelter and rescue partners to be healthy and with personalities that allow for lots of human and cat interaction.  We will keep our list of cat residents as current as possible. Come see these cuties or visit the following websites for other adoptables:






Cats that have found wonderful homes so far: 240

A'gouti escaped a scary situation but found safety with her rescuers.  She was a Mom and is super sweet.

Chini is a beautiful gray and white kitty with an adorable mark on her chin.  She is super elegant but also sweet!

Gilly is the best little lapcat!  She and her sister Chini are very playful and fun.

Tabouli is friendly, affectionate, and quite playful!  She is mom to Gilly, Chini, and 3 other kittens that have been adopted. 

Christina is a little shy, but has her outgoing brother, Kinley, to keep her feeling comfortable and happy!  She will love to meet you.

Kinley has a curious nature and is lots of fun!  He loves his sister, Christina.

Indigo is sweet and shy but loves hanging out with his best friend Robbie!

Robbie is a good-natured guy who gets along well with other cats and would be a great addition to a multi-cat household!

Fancy has a dilute tortie coat and loves all the other cats.

Slinky is a very confident and friendly girl who has a very soft coat!

Jade is a young kitty with a wonderful personality! Her brother Buddy is at Catopia as well.

Lisa is a very sweet cat who enjoys a quiet space to interact with people.  She loves her sister, Linda.

Porthos is a gorgeous little black cat, who came to Catopia with his sister Phobos. Porthos is a sweet boy, after being given a little time to open up.

Buddy is a bit more shy than his sister Jade, but is every bit as sweet!.

Linda is a very affectionate calico that loves to play. She's absolutely beautiful! She is besties with her sister, Lisa.

Phobos is an adorable little black and white kitty. She came to Catopia with her brother Porthos. Phobos is a confident and cuddly cat with people she’s comfortable around!

Lollipop is a sweet and outgoing kitten who loves to play with her foster brother, Mort.

Garfield is a big orange boy and with time and attention can become a wonderful new part of your family!.

Gin is a 13-year-old beautiful long-haired cat who loves attention and a soft place to snuggle.  She loves to play too!

Mort is a sweet little kitten who loves to play and explore.  He has some special needs after some head trauma but does great!

She-ra has a cool name and an even cooler personality.  She is friendly and playful with unique markings.

BB has a beautiful markings and is super friendly.  She is a teenager and ready for a long term home.

Valley has had some rough times, but things are looking up!  She is a resilient little girl who will love having lots of attention at Catopia!