Taylor Swift.jpg

Taylor Swift is a rockstar who loves cuddles!  Her bright eyes stand out from her soft grey coat.

Jolene is a very affectionate calico who will warm your heart. She does great with the other cats!


Giselle is very affectionate once she gets to know you!  She likes helping us organize the desk.


Lazer is very affectionate! He loves to groom his friends!


Brennan has a lot to say so you better be on your toes.  He is curious and funny and likes to be held closely.  A sweet boy!

Vanna is a sweet young kitty who loves head scritches!

Prissy is a shy but sweet tabby who loves playing with wand toys.


Sasha is a sweet, loving kitty who enjoys playing around! She is a gray tabby with white paws.


Sleepy is a beautiful tabby girl who is very sweet, but a little bit shy until she gets to know you. 


Sandra is spunky, curious, and affectionate.  She is proud of how hard she worked to get to the top tier or cuteness.

Petunia is a young friendly cat who is soft, playful and adorable!

Snickers is as sweet as her name!  She loves chin scritches and long naps.


Zoom is a very social boy who is quite adventurous! He will make a great companion. 

Mystique is a shy cat at the start, but she is super loving and sweet! She is bonded to Wolf.


Marshall is quiet but playful.  Very curious and a real honey.  Whiskers for days.  Nowhere near as stubborn as his name would indicate.  He is a thoroughly good boy!


Sophie is just beautiful! She’ll warm up quickly to love and attention.  She enjoys her comfy cat tree hangout and play time!


Fallon is a lovable girl that enjoys being scritched! Her charming features will make you fall in love with her.


Panda is a little shy, but very loving. She loves to play with the wand toys. 


Wolf is a big, charming boy who loves playing around with people and toys! He is bonded to Mystique.


Pikaboo was a teen mother to Sandra, Marshall, Brennan, and Elena.  She is very smart and sweet and a nominee for mom of the year.


Elena is sweet, independent, affectionate, and filled with wonder at the world. She has very good manners and makes friends easily, 

In Foster Homes

Clarence is a very chill and sweet 9-year-old fella! He’s very affectionate and loves being around people.


Lemur is a lovely young girl that loves to play with other cats.

Stevie is super affectionate and lots of fun!.


Jinja is a gorgeous cat that loves to be around people. Once you get to know her, she talks to you!