Our amazing cats have been carefully selected by our shelter and rescue partners to be healthy and with personalities that allow for lots of human and cat interaction.  We will keep our list of cat residents as current as possible. Come see these cuties or visit the following websites for other adoptables:






Jezabel may be shy at first, but will purr and snuggle when she warms up to you.  She would do great in a quieter home with other cats and her buddy, Elliot

Indigo is sweet and shy, and loves hanging out with his cat friends. He is a beautiful and loving fella!

Ms. Kitty will come right up to you and say hi! This sweetheart is outgoing and loves being around people.

Summer is a very friendly cat who loves to be pet after a nap! She is very affectionate and loves other cats.

Quill is a funny and affectionate boy!  He has a cataract on one eye, but can see just fine with the other.

Elliot is a sweetheart and is great with other cats.  He LOVES Jezabel!  He also enjoys attention and playing with wand toys.

Gilly is a sweet lap cat that loves to be around people!  She has fun running through the cafe with her sister Chini.

Winnie is just adorable! She is a petite bundle of happiness and loves people!

Vanadium is a little shy, but easily won over with her favorite canned food! She loves hanging out with her best friend, Chromium..

Buttons is a friendly and chatty 13 year-old boy.  He loves catnip and treats!

Lorelai is very outgoing and friendly! She loves be pet after a long day of playtime.

Chromium is a very friendly kitty who loves people, dogs, and other cats! At the end of the day, she always snuggles up with her BFF Vanadium.

Toby Buttons is a friendly and laid-back 10 year-old. He loves snuggling and naps!

Sooty has such unique markings and is a very sweet kitty.  She will make any day better!

Chini has beautiful golden eyes.  She loves napping in boxes, playing with her sister Gilly, and getting chin scritches!

Eve is super playful, friendly, and funny! Not to mention cute enough to brighten anyone’s day.

Snickers is as sweet as her name!  She loves chin scritches and long naps.

Valentino is a beautiful cat with a loving and playful personality!