Our amazing group of cats have been carefully selected by our shelter and rescue partners to be healthy and with personalities that allow for lots of human and cat interaction.  We will keep our list of cat residents as current as possible. Come see these cuties or visit the following websites for other adoptables:






Frasier is a confident, outgoing and friendly young cat. He loves toys, laps, and talking. His sisters and mom are available for adoption!

Chini is a beautiful gray and white kitty with an adorable mark on her chin.  She is super sweet!

Gilly looks much like her brother Frasier and loves snuggling him and her sister, Chini.  They are all amazing little cats!

Tabouli is the mom to Fraiser, Gilly, and Chini.  She is friendly, affectionate, and can be quite playful!

Zumi is a sweet and calm girl.  She loves chin scritches!

Tayla is best buddies with her sister, Jules.  They are a bonded pair to be adopted together. She is a bit shy but she enjoys attention!

Jules is besties with her sister, Tayla. She is a talkative kitty who will have conversations with you. 

Maya is a very petite and cute brown tabby.  She is shy but enjoys attention!

Kevin is bonded with his brother, Dusty.  He loves to play and explore.  He only has one eye, as one didn't form properly, but he doesn't let that slow him down!

Dusty is a bonded-pair with his brother, Kevin, who he loves very much.  He is a bit shy and has a gentle personality.

Bruce Wayne is sleek, handsome, and charming, just like his namesake!  He loves to play with other cats.

Titan is a beautiful 12-year-old Siamese mix.  He is ready to live the rest of his life happily with you!

Lily loves her brother, wand toys, and attention!  She is a beautiful tortie with a sweet disposition.

Molly was a young Mom but is spayed and ready for the easy life.  She is super sweet and very pretty.

Onyx is a little shy but is very affectionate and loves to play.  His sister, Lilly, is also at Catopia.

Christina is a little shy, but has her outgoing brother, Kinley, to keep her feeling comfortable and happy!  She will love to meet you.

Sunshine is a small little cat that took good care of her kittens.  She is spayed and ready for someone to take care of her sweet self.

Kinley has a curious nature and is lots of fun!  He loves his sister, Christina.

Willy Wonka may not be able to hear us, but he knows we love him anyway!  Such a beautiful sweet boy.

Rumi is a big, friendly, easy-going cat.  He loves his sister, Mindy, who is also here at Catopia.

Zelda is a friendly girl with a beautiful, vibrant fur coat.  She loves her brother, Mork, who is also here at Catopia.