Our amazing group of cats have been carefully selected by our shelter and rescue partners to be healthy and with personalities that allow for lots of human and cat interaction.  We will keep our list of cat residents as current as possible.  

Tosca is a very friendly 1-year-old with a sparkling personality. She loves to cuddle with her brother, Tucker.

Pumpkin is a sweet little lady with a buff tabby fur coat.  She is very soft, just like her brothers, Symba and Felix, who are also here at Catopia!

Tucker is very active and adorable. He loves to cuddle with his sister, Tosca, but is a friend to all the cats.

Felix has a very soft grey coat, just like his brother Symba.  He is a little bit smaller than Symba, but just as full of curiosity and playfulness!  

Zwart may look dark and mysterious, but it’s no mystery once you meet him that Zwart is a sweet loving cat! He loves headbutting and cuddling with people.

Raj  is a big boy who loves attention. He flops down on the ground at your feet waiting for his scritches!

Symba is a soft and handsome grey kitten.  He loves his brother, Felix, and his sister, Pumpkin, who are here at Catopia too!

Buster is a fun, playful kitty who loves chasing toys! When he gets tired, he loves giving and receiving affection!   He is absolutely beautiful with his curious yellow & green eyes!

Rex is a pretty black kitty with a heart of gold. His big green eyes practically ask for attention.

Calvin is a super little orange boy who loves to get attention. He's full of personality and is an absolute lovebug!  He LOVES the other cats too!

Wrex is a sweet, cuddly, shoulder cat!. He's very playful with other cats and he makes friends quickly. When he’s done playing, he’ll be looking for a comfy lap and attention.

Chini is a beautiful gray and white kitty with an adorable mark on her chin.  She is shy but super sweet!

Gilly looks much like her brother Frasier and loves snuggling him and her sister, Chini.  They are all amazing little cats!

Fraiser is a confident, outgoing and friendly kitten. He loves toys, laps, and talking. His sisters and mom are available for adoption!