Our amazing group of cats have been carefully selected by our shelter and rescue partners to be healthy and with personalities that allow for lots of human and cat interaction.  We will keep our list of cat residents as current as possible.  

Rainbow is a sleek black kitty who has a name to match her personality.

Mittens is a big friendly girl. She'll follow you around for attention!

Charon is a sweet and playful orange tabby. He has a wonderful personality and loves people as well as other kitties!

Sol is a very outgoing and adventurous six-month-old kitten.  He has the cutest little squeaky meow he makes when he is happy!

Dimples is a cute little tortoiseshell kitty who has a loving demeanor.

Nanny is a sweet and quiet kitty. She was a great mom to her kittens and gets along well with the other cats. She has a great personality and she cant wait to meet you!

Stash likes to hop up and give you a bear hug and a headbutt. He looks very important with a little mustache on his face!

Rex is a pretty black kitty with a heart of gold. His big green eyes practically ask for attention on their own.

Beatrix is a beautiful, soft Siamese mix, she's perfectly playful, and when the mood calls, she's ready to relax. 

Raj  is a big boy who loves attention. He is Stash's brother, and he sports a similar white patch on his face.

Tosca is a very friendly kitten with a sparkling personality. She loves to cuddle with her brother, Tucker.

Charity is a two-year-old muted tortoiseshell beauty. She loves people and headbutts when she wants you to pet her.   What a sweetie!

Violet is a beautiful tabby and a real sweetheart. She likes to watch out the window on the mini park bench, and greet people coming in!

Sparkle is a cute tabby with orange and white markings and a great personality!  

Agua is very friendly and playful!  She's six months old, with gorgeous tones of orange highlighting her grey tabby fur.

Tabitha is a very outgoing and adventurous kitty.  She loves to talk to you, get pet, and play!

Cosmo is an adorable kitty with a sweet personality and lots of love to give.  She has the cutest face!

Remus is a loving boy who wants lots of attention! He may seem shy at first, but really he's just planning his next adventure!

Tucker is just as active and adorable as the other kitties. He loves to cuddle with his sister, Tosca.

Iris is an adorable gray tabby with a spicy personality. She likes to hop up onto your lap and purr like a motor boat!

Hawkins is a small kitten with a big purr.  If you're looking to hang out with a cat on your lap (or on your shoulders,) Hawkins is excited to climb right up!