These kitties are currently adoptable through our shelter and rescue partners.  Some may be pending adoption but we try to keep the list up-to-date.  We have had 600 adoptions since opening in January 2019!


Jolene is a gorgeous easy-going calico. She is petite and quiet and will be your best friend for life.


Bastet is a beautiful tortoiseshell.  She loves spending her time with people and cuddling!

Pastel is very curious and loves to explore just like her sister, Graphite! She’s very interested in anything that moves!


Fallon is a lovable girl that enjoys being scritched! Her charming features will make you fall in love with her.


Marilyn loves playing with toys and other cats and living her best life.


Busan is a very sociable cat who loves your attention and all the cuddles you have to offer!


Marigold is a beautiful tabby with the biggest eyes. She's very petite but is hugely friendly!


Collins is super sweet and loves attention once he warms up to you. He is also a big fan of canned food.


Kylo is a 3-month-old tabby who has lots of spirit and fun.  He loves people and his brother, Asher.


Asher is a silly little kitty who loves to play! He is as adorable as he is fun, and would love to be adopted with his brother, Kylo.


Piper is a two-year-old sweetheart who is very laid back and does well with dogs. She loves attention!


 If you look up ‘regal’ in the dictionary, it will likely be a picture of GG. Sophisticated and young, she is a great companion.


Jingles is a very easy-going and cool guy.  He enjoys scritches, and will lean into your hand for them!

Inky is an observant girl who will explore just like her sisters, Graphite and Pastel! Her fur is as dark as Ink, but her personality is as bright as the sun!


Sirius is a handsome black cat who is very friendly and very chatty!  His mom, Boo, is here at Catopia too.

Graphite is a sweet little girl who loves to explore and hang out! She has very soft and fluffy fur!


Boo is a confident and sassy girl.  She was a mama cat, and one of her (adult) kittens, Sirius, is here at Catopia with her!


Marshmallow is a big boy that loves attention! He likes to hang out with people. And just like a Marshmallow he’s soft and squishy.

Morty (in foster home) is a silly and playful young cat who loves playing with people and other cats!


Jinja (in foster home) is a super soft girl who loves attention and cuddling!


Benji (in foster home) is very affectionate and curious. He loves playing and lounging equally.