Our amazing cats have been carefully selected by our shelter and rescue partners to be healthy and with personalities that allow for lots of human and cat interaction.  We will keep our list of cat residents as current as possible. Come see these cuties or visit the following websites for other adoptables:






Cats that have found wonderful homes so far: 308

Pumpkin has been through some hard times, but is a resilient little kitty and is ready for all the love she deserves!

Indigo is sweet and shy but loves hanging out with his cat friends and is a beautiful fella.

Himba is the sweetest big boy!  He is 5 years old and a lapcat that purrs like crazy.  

Tabouli is friendly, affectionate, and quite playful!  She is mom to Gilly, Chini, and 3 other kittens that have been adopted. 

Gilly is the best little lapcat!  She and her sister Chini are very playful and fun.

Mason and Madison are a delightful brother duo that brings happiness anywhere they go!

Chini is a beautiful gray and white kitty with an adorable mark on her chin.  She is super elegant but also sweet!

Buddy is a beautiful boy and loves playing, eating, and hanging out with his bestie, Valley.

Apple loves to play and to get chin scritches!  He is a very sweet and cool cat.

Valley will win your heart with her gentle nature as she lounges on your lap.  Her best friend is Buddy!

A'gouti escaped a scary situation but found safety with her rescuers.  She was a Mom and is super sweet.