Ms. Kitty will come right up to you and say hi! This sweetheart is outgoing and loves being around people.

Gilly is a gentle lap cat that loves to be around people!  She has fun running through the cafe with her sister Chini.

Clarence is a very chill and sweet 9-year-old fella! He’s very affectionate and loves being around people.

Chini has beautiful golden eyes.  She loves napping in boxes, playing with her sister Gilly, and getting chin scritches!

Snickers is as sweet as her name!  She loves chin scritches and long naps.

Petunia is a young friendly cat who is soft, playful and adorable!

Violet is the sweetest cat you will ever meet! She is a fan of laps and cuddles! 


Biscuit is a sweet, outgoing, young cat! She loves being around cats and humans alike.

Mama Ritzy is a petite girl who is very sweet once she gets to know you.  She has two kittens here at Catopia with her, Trudy and Prissy.


Nemi is a gorgeous cat with round ears and koala-like fur. She is very playful when she feels comfortable and loves other cats!


Twyla (in foster home) is a sweet, snuggly young cat! She loves being around cats and people.

Carmela (in foster home) is a beautiful long-haired kitty.  She is healthy, happy, and loves attention!

Prissy is a shy but sweet tabby who looks just like her mama, Ritzy.  She loves Ritzy, and her sister, Trudy.

Cabana is a sweet little kitten with a huge personality! She loves cuddling with her sister, Taco Bell. 

Stevie (in foster home) is a sweet, outgoing, young cat! She loves being around humans.

Toffey (in foster home) is a young and sweet Siamese mix! She’s full of playful energy and especially loves attention. 

Trudy has a very soft coat and will purr for pets.  She enjoys being around her mom, Ritzy, and sister, Prissy.

Taco Bell is an adorable little purr motor who loves scritches. She likes to spend time snuggling with her sister, Cabana!

David (in foster home) is a beautiful 1-year-old Snowshoe. He can be very playful but still loves to cuddle up on your lap! 


Fallon is a sweet girl that loves to be scritched! Her charming features will make you fall in love with her

Blue (in foster home) is a big boy who likes to be scritched. He is super friendly and snuggly.  You will fall in love with him!