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Catopia Cat Café is an entertaining and relaxing environment for cats and the people who love them. Please visit us at 8001 Wyoming NE, Suite C-5 in Paseo Village, and enjoy a unique, fun, therapeutic experience interacting with cats in our spacious and comfortable cafe. We have friendly people, a homelike setting, and delicious snacks and drinks. You can hang out with friends, take selfies with our beautiful felines, work on your laptop with a cat purring next to you, or laugh at the funny antics of the cats as they play with our excessive amount of cat toys. You can also meet new people who will undoubtedly appreciate the cat shirt you may be wearing.

What will the cats do while you are enjoying your time with them? Whatever they want, of course, because they are cats. If you can’t help but fall in love with one of these beauties, you will be able to apply to adopt them. Our wonderful shelter and rescue group partners will ensure safe and happy permanent homes for our cat residents. 


Catopia offers a variety of hot and cold drinks, packaged snacks, a cat lovers' gift shop, and fun events like Henna Cat-toos.


Catopia is a happy place for people and a better world for cats.

Catopia Cat Cafe

8001 Wyoming Blvd NE, Suite C-5, Albuquerque, NM 87113


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